Four Reasons Why Laser Hair Removal is Better Than Waxing

Four Reasons Why Laser Hair Removal is Better Than Waxing

Looking for a safe, effective alternative shaving that doesn’t result in someone ripping hair out of your skin? We can tell you what you’re looking for certainly isn’t waxing. We’re Beauty Defined Hawaii, Honolulu’s finest medispa, and strong proponents of laser hair removal. Read on to learn more about why we recommend it over waxing and get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment!

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Laser Hair Removal is More Precise Than Waxing

Laser hair removal brings the power of technology to the realm of hair removal. Laser hair removal works by using focused, high-intensity lasers on your hair follicles, destroying any hair and preventing it from growing back for some time.


It’s Less Painful Than Waxing

If you need more information on the service you’ll be receiving, or you have a question about another service you’d like to schedule, we can provide guidance to help you make the right decision. Once everything has been taken care of, we’ll ensure you’re comfortable until your esthetician is ready to see you.


Laser Hair Removal is Faster Than Waxing

Using Intense Pulse Light (IPL) devices, we will remove any unsightly or excess hair without the need for scrubs, medications, or downtime. Laser hair removal is both fast and effective in removing body hair, and because of the speed of the procedure, it is often recommended over waxing.


It’s More Permanent Than Waxing

Waxing only removes the hair shaft, meaning the hair will eventually grow back. Laser hair removal, on the other hand, destroys the hair follicle, so the hair won’t grow back.

Laser hair removal is a more effective treatment than waxing because it is more precise, causes less pain, and has fewer side effects. If you’re done dealing with unsightly hair or painful blemishes, get in touch with Beauty Defined Hawaii, and get a smoother you in just one visit!

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